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Your Sustainable Shopping Checklist

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Your Sustainable Shopping Checklist

Wear clothes you love, while caring for the planet. Our simple checklist will help you make sustainable shopping choices you can feel good about.

Before You Shop

❏  Find go-to sustainable brands.​ Jump on Google to research your favourite brands, and take note of those that think about the life cycle of their products.
❏  Do they give back to their community? ​Is there a charity or cause they support?

❏  Do you know who made the clothing?​ Transparent brands will tell you where and how garments are created. Look for information on working conditions as well as fair pay.

❏  Check what you own already. ​Know what you have, so you buy only what you need.
❏  Get your reusable bags ready.​ Having them on hand means you can say no to plastic.

❏  Ask yourself why you’re shopping. ​Try to have a purpose, rather than just browsing.




While You Shop

❏  Do you really love this garment? ​Buying only what you’ll actually wear is key.
❏  Do you really need it? ​Do you have anything similar in your wardrobe already?
❏  Is it good quality? ​If it’s made well and fits well, it’ll last longer and you’ll wear it more.
❏  Is the fabric sustainable?​ Look for organic, recycled or sustainably sourced materials.
❏  Will you wear it more than a few times? ​Is it timeless, or a trend that will quickly pass?

❏  Does it go with what you have? ​If you can’t wear something without buying a whole new wardrobe, it’s likely to just sit in your closet.

❏  Is the packaging sustainable?​ How much is plastic or will go to landfill? Carry a reusable bag or, if you shop online, ask if their packaging is eco-friendly.

❏  Minimise travel.​ Visit fewer stores if you can. For online shopping, standard shipping is better than express delivery, which creates more emissions. After you shop.

❏  Treat your clothes well. ​Follow each garment’s care instructions so your clothes last longer.
❏  Keep old clothes out of landfill. ​When you no longer want something, try selling it online, hosting a clothes swap or donating to charity shops. You could also repurpose a garment by altering it or turning it into cleaning cloths.
❏  Share the love. ​When you find a brand that cares, let others know! The more people are aware of sustainable fashion, the more we’ll see change in the industry.

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