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Sustainability Blog

Every month we release a blog with new topics and handy hints so that you can learn more about how to do your part in protecting our planet

Healthy Recipes

The science is undeniable. By incorporating more plant-based food into our diets, we can help preserve the environment. That's why we've teamed up with Buffy from Be Good Organics to serve up some delicious recipes that will help you add more plants into your weekly routine.

Soul Retreats

Take a trip that will your body and soul will thank you for. Explore what the team at Soul Retreats have cooked up, with a focus on health and wellness, fun and fitness, and getting back in touch with nature.

Ethically Kate

Are you ready to be inspired and guided by this powerhouse of a woman? Take a peak into Kate’s world, where the focus is on finding new sustainably-minded habits that will not only improve your daily life but also keep our planet safe.