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Meet Kate

Kate Hall is the ball of sunshine behind Ethically Kate, a business that inspires people to live in a way that respects and protects our planet and its people. An educator, activist and blogger, Kate works tirelessly to advocate for better daily habits in keeping with a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. As well as speaking at schools and professional courses, this incredible woman has even presented on a TEDx stage.


More of an Instagram Inspirer than Influencer, Kate uses her platform to encourage others to be conscious consumers, highlighting how simple and rewarding it can be. Her blog and social media feature sustainably minded brands, so if you’re looking to make some positive change in the way that you shop, look no further.


A coastie herself, Kate lives with her partner, cockatiels, and labradoodle.

What makes Kate tick? ‘I don't have time to think of myself as just one person who won't make a difference,’ she says on her blog. ‘That's why I get up every morning. Our planet is beautiful, and I'm not going to sit around watching it go to waste’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!


Also, possibly the coolest thing about Kate? She runs Kombucha workshops! You can book her to come round to your place and teach you and your mates how to make your own brew. Sign us up.

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