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Environmentally Conscious. Community Focused. Passionate About Health.

So you want to know a bit more about us? Let’s get personal.


Dan Wilson and Paulina Ciurzynska here. We founded LETE in 2018 because we wanted to create an active and leisurewear brand that reflected our lifestyle and values. Being lucky enough to live off New Zealand’s east coast, the natural world is a big part of our daily lives. But every day, we see first-hand the negative effects that humans have on our environment. We also see a huge need for greater levels of health and joy in the people around us - and the more we thought about it, we realised that there is an undeniable link between these two things. We hoped to create a brand that would connect like-minded people so that we can all increase our positive impact on our world. That was the force behind the creation of LETE: to deliver a lifestyle brand that meets the needs of humans and the environment


Once we started our research (which most definitely included binge watching every environmental documentary on Netflix), we were confronted by all the ways in which humans are harming our precious Earth - from fast fashion to factory farming to pesky little micro plastics. We realised that there was so much more we could do and give to our planet, and that to really stand behind our brand we needed to live and breathe the values we were espousing. On January 1st, 2020, we decided to go plant based, knowing that factory farming contributes to over 50% of the Earth’s global warming (now, we know that what might be right for us may not be right for everyone, but reduction is a great place to start!), and we’re always on the lookout for new ways that we can help protect and preserve this Earth.


We get it, though. Sometimes, as individuals, there’s limits to how much we can accomplish for the environment. That’s why we’ve also created the LETE Connect and Protect Foundation with the sole purpose of protecting our planet. Through this Foundation, we will partner up with other organisations to help raise funds to protect Earth’s rainforests and engage with our community to bring more awareness around sustainability and environmentally friendly means of living (read more about this on our LETE Connect & Protect page). We also aim for LETE to become carbon negative, meaning that not only will our manufacturing practices achieve net zero carbon emissions, but we’ll also create an environmental benefit by removing additional CO2 through our Foundation work.


We know we’re not the only ones who want their clothing to reflect that inner essence. We want you to feel this connection when you wear our clothing too - to nature, to community, and to yourself. Now, we get that this is a tall order. That’s why we’ve spent years putting in the hard yards to ensure that every step of our manufacturing process is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Lete clothing is made from sustainably sourced and produced bamboo fibre, creating the ultimate balance of form and function, performance and comfort. We hope that this empowers you to lead a more active and fulfilled life, while protecting the Earth around you.


Sustainable activewear that does more for the planet and encourages us to do the same. That’s LETE.

We Care About the Environment

Learn why we love bamboo, its sustainable and health benefits and what we are doing for our part.