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Why Bamboo


Your Skin’s Best Friend. Bamboo is twice as soft as cotton, feeling more like silk or cashmere, and providing second-skin comfort. This mighty grass uses minimal water, grows rapidly without pesticides, is biodegradable, and offers anti-bacterial properties, making it a superior and sustainable choice for both you and the environment.


♥︎ From Our Conscious Ath-Lete's

LETE's activewear has been my go-to for yoga, running, and workouts since 2021. 1 love how stylish the pieces are while being really functional. The fabrics are buttery soft which is important for me as I cannot stand any irritation or discomfort when moving (in my happy place).

Finally a brand I can get behind! Unmatched commitment to sustainability, quality and durability which I personally align with. Very comfortable and fresh during workouts, Lete quickly became my go-to.

Finally, a brand I can get behind with unmatched commitment to sustainability, quality, and durability. The matching sets give a flattering body sculpting effect I also love.

Absolutely love wearing Lete activewear! The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable, plus it keeps me feeling fresh and odor-free throughout my workouts. It's definitely my go-to for both style and performance!

Very impressed with Lete’s bamboo wear – great fit, feel, and color! I wear Lete while planting food forests, and after comparing it to other brands, the comfort and durability stand out. I'm considering Lete for our full-time work attire because it lasts! The sustainable material aligns with my values, and it's super comfy.


Designed with
Comfort in Mind

LETE leisure and activewear is made from sustainable bamboo fabric that feels amazing against your skin. It's silky-soft, antibacterial, and highly sweat absorbent to support your busy lifestyle. Designed and tested in New Zealand. LETE's story goes beyond the clothing, it's a mission to protect what is sacred- the health of humans & the planet, and we invite you to join us. Let's re-wild this earth together.