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Spring has Sprung: get out and say “hello nature”!

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Spring has Sprung: get out and say “hello nature”!

Are ya’ feeling fresh as a daisy? Or still trying to catch up from those damn clocks turning back – wondering how winter just came and went, void of the prerequisite hibernation and social isolation. Well, if you’re the latter, we’re here to help put that spring, back into your step.

The answer? Nature. It’s the most simple and effective cure. Whatever residual winter lethargy you may or may not be feeling right now, compounded by the seemingly endless Covid-19 fallout – cue the eye roll – you simply need to step out your front door and take a big inhale. Smell the budding lemon tree next door, wild freesias growing along the verge, that freshly mown grass, mingled with two stroke oil, the spring rain evaporating off hot tarmac. Spring just hits different, let it energise you. Stretch those limbs, challenge your lungs, take a plunge whatever your favoured athletic tipple may be, read on for some springtime fitspo activities.

Get on ya bike in the balmy weather! 

Wherever you are in the country, whatever your fitness levels may be, there are a variety of rail trails that you should be taking advantage of. The Waikato River Trail is a LETE favourite, offering five tracks which traverse Lake Karapiro, all the way down to the Atiamuri Dam. You can even link them all together if you’re feeling hardcore. For the girls the LETE Lichen Green Motion Tights and Native Bra make a great addition for biking along the river trails. Not only will you look super cute, but the bamboo fabric used in all the LETE range is so incredibly soft it will feel like a second skin.The natural bamboo fibres are also moisture wicking – 3 times faster than cotton in fact – and, for the boys, odor resistant. Rest assured, this plastic free activewear won’t rub in any of the wrong places either!

‘Late-winter’ sports, it’s a thing.

We are so incredibly lucky here in Aotearoa. We have the surf, forests and mountains at our fingertips, with many of the ski slopes enjoying an extended season into spring. It’s the best time to hit the slopes if you want to miss the crowds and enjoy those vibrant bluebird days. If you’re on the Queenstown or Wanaka slopes, why not take full advantage of those extra sunshine hours. Ski in the morning and maybe a wee ‘apres ski’ kayak in the afternoon? Due to thermoregulating properties of our bamboo activewear, you can ditch a few extra layers. For the boys, pair the Waihi Loose Fit T-shirt in Pacific Blue, under your jacket. Ladies, rock the Innate Shorts in Black under those ski pants. On the way to the lake to kayak – or enjoy a vino – whip off that top layer and you’re ready to roll. Did we mention the antibacterial & odor resistant properties?

Try a yoga class to feel more grounded.

If you’re still struggling to acclimate with daylight savings, a yoga class could be just the cure. There are so many health benefits that come with regular yoga practice. Aside from the numerous physical returns, it can also help to reduce stress, defog the brain, enhance focus, boost energy levels, as well as improving sleep and emotional wellbeing. Yoga classes can also be much less intimidating than gym classes, for those that might be feeling a bit self conscious. No one cares what you look like or how deep you can stretch, it’s always a very welcoming and nourishing community. There are also a bunch of outdoor classes on offer around the country in the warmer months.  

You deserve to feel just as good on the outside, as you do on the inside. The full range of LETE bamboo activewear is ideal for your yoga practice! The natural fibres are perfect for those with sensitive skin as they are non-irritating. Bamboo is also softer and stronger than synthetic alternatives and keeps its shape even when stretched repeatedly.

Whatever tickles your pickle, it’s springtime! Which means more sun, more surf, more nature, just more room for activities. What a re-leaf!

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