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Sustainability: how do I get involved? World Halfcut Day - August 31st

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Sustainability: how do I get involved? World Halfcut Day - August 31st

This month we are shining a bright spotlight on a cause very close to our hearts, whose vision closely aligns with our ethos as an ethical NZ activewear brand. That cause is the exceptional Halfcut Foundation, and the team at LETE are asking if you are ready to sign up for the challenge! 

World Halfcut Day takes place on the 31st of August - the day that the boldest and the bravest pledge to go #Halfcut to raise awareness and funds to protect endangered rainforests. 

What does #Halfcut mean? To go #Halfcut you need to shave /dye/ embellish or get creative with half of your hair. It could be your head, beard, mustache or maybe even your eyebrow. Anywhere (yes - anywhere!) you grow hair counts. Last year Halfcutters raised over $1.2million, which the foundation used to buy back over 30 acres of endangered rainforest in the Daintree Forest Lowlands. That’s the size of over 35 football fields. This year’s fundraising efforts are focused on saving and rewilding more of this ancient forest in Queensland, Australia. Each $2.50 you raise saves about 1 square metre of rainforest. Find out more at .

Why you should care about saving the Daintree Rainforest.

If you aren’t aware of our current global climate crisis you’ve been living under a rock.  We know we don’t need to berate you further about how imperative it is to act now, as a global effort. Do you know that our forests act as massive natural carbon sinks? Not only do they purify our air, they also percolate and distill our groundwater reserves, which makes saving our global forests an integral part of fighting climate change. 

At over 120 million years old the Daintree is the oldest rainforest in the world, even older than the Amazon. Not only is it ancient, but it is incredibly diverse with over 920 species of trees and over 130 species of reptiles alone. Stretching across 1,200 square hectares of tropical Queensland it is also home to the elusive and endangered Cassoway bird. 

Half the world’s flora and fauna come from rainforests, but despite their ecological and environmental importance only 36% of our world’s tropical rainforests remain. According to Regnskogfondet, a Norwegian conservation group, “of the approximately 14.5 million square kilometres of tropical rainforest that once covered Earth’s surface, just over a third, 34%, is completely gone and the remaining 30% is in various forms of degradation. Of the current rainforest cover, almost half (45%) is in a degraded state”. We cannot stress enough the importance of protecting what little remains of our rainforests - while also striving to reverse the degradation of these areas through rewilding projects.

What is rewilding?

It doesn’t just mean letting your lawn grow and accepting the blooming weeds in the flowerbeds. It’s a progressive approach to conservation and ecological restoration, with an emphasis on “stepping back” and allowing a natural area to recreate itself. Sometimes mother nature may need a wee helping hand to achieve this. Halfcut Org engages with a few groups, these include; the traditional owners of the Daintree Forest the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people, partners the Rainforest Rangers, as well as other community groups & volunteers. To date, this diverse group of legends has overseen the planting of nearly 100,000 in the Daintree!

Just another eco-friendly active sports brand, or something more?

A commitment to rewilding our world is an integral part of our vision here at LETE. We believe by partnering with and championing worthwhile projects, such as Halfcut Org, we can help connect like-minded people to maximise a positive impact on our world. We encourage you to take a deep breath and be inspired by the raw elements of our mountains, forests and moana. There’s something sacred about that inner calm riding along the intake of breath. 

Here at LETE we are committed to doing our bit to improving the world around us, leaving only footprints and memories. We do this through our promise to produce only sustainable activewear and bamboo clothing. Ensuring our manufacturing practices are carbon neutral and pledging 3% of our own turnover to protecting our rainforests, we aim to be a brand people are inspired to wear. LETE's story goes beyond the clothing; it's a mission to protect what is sacred: the health of humans and the planet. We invite you to join us. Let's rewild this earth together.

There are so many ways you can get involved with the Halfcutters of 2022! Head to our Halfcut page - TEAM LETE to sign up or to donate. 


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